If you have decided to build a house, you likely know there are many decisions to make throughout the process. You’ll design a floor plan, choose appliances, and decide on features for your property. Here are a few ways to customize your new home.

Workshop Space in the Garage

A few extra feet can make a big difference in the functionality of your garage. Increasing the garage even by two or three feet provides more square footage that can be used for storage. You will have more room to store your vehicles, set up shelving, and put in a workbench.

Customize Your New Home with Extra Power Outlets

Everyone uses computers, electronics, and mobile devices that need to be charged. With all the electrical appliances inside a modern home, you may run out of outlet space. This often causes homeowners to run extension cords or overload plugs.

To make life convenient and safer, have your builder install extra outlets in every room and even outdoors. You’ll use exterior outlets for power tools, landscaping equipment, and holiday lights.

Smart Technology

When building a new home, electronics can make the structure work for you. Talk to your builder about ways to incorporate wiring for smart home devices. Smart doorbells and security cameras enable you to monitor the grounds and see who is outside before opening the door.

Smart thermostats keep your house at a comfortable temperature and help you cool and heat your home more efficiently. Some models detect when no one is home and can power down or adjust the system automatically.

Central Vacuum

A central vacuum system is usually contained in the basement or the garage. Inside the home, you simply attach the hose to the wall outlet for quick and easy cleanup. Once the central canister is full, empty the bin, and it is ready to be used again.

There are some vacuum systems designed for carpetless areas. These vents are built into the walls or floors and they look like small heating vents. When you sweep the floor, simply move the dust and dirt toward the vent, then step on the release to brush the debris into the central system.

Storage Features to Customize Your New Home

Storage space is useful in any home. Be creative with built-in storage beneath a window seat or under the stairs. Design your new house to have extra closets in the hallway or laundry room, walk-in closets in bedrooms, and built-in bookcases. Bookcases help you organize books, small items and collectibles, and electronic equipment. Decide if you prefer open shelving, glass doors, or solid doors.

the roof of the house with nice window
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