With advancing age, generally, it’s a time to think about how we will cope when things such as our health and mobility are not as good as they perhaps are now. If we are planning to stay in our home, what are some ways it could be altered to be better equipped for changing needs?

Perhaps you have been thinking of doing some home improvements. If you are planning to remodel areas such as the kitchen or bathroom, it might be a good idea to integrate certain features that would make it easy to use for someone with limited mobility. While we may not think we need to adapt our home now for a future when we are less mobile, doing those improvements with the future in mind can help us to age gracefully in place. What sort of features would this include?

Let’s start with the most common area to remodel – the kitchen. When it comes to kitchens and bathrooms, choose surfaces that are easy to clean and maintain, also think about installing slip-resistant flooring. Choose cabinetry that will make everything easy to reach. Also, cabinets without handles on them may look sleek, they become more difficult to open as our joints age, so adding handles to the cabinets may be a good idea.

There are other modifications that could be done around the home such as installing low-density carpet, an intercom system, even a central vacuum system could prove very useful. If you will be redoing your closets, opt for features like adjustable shelving and hanging rods that make it easy for someone who can’t reach higher areas. Also, make sure there is good lighting.

Planning ahead is a wise course when it comes to preparing the home for advancing age. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a home inspection, please feel free to contact us.

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